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foto's 2005

Foto's 2005

About Helleborus – how to take care of your plant

A colorful garden full of life transmits happiness and bliss, especially when you are aware of the result of your work in cultivating beautiful plants. If you want to continue enjoying the presence of flowers in your garden during the winter, then you should grow the helleborus.

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One of the most delightful ornamental flowers

In spite of the cold, the helleborus flourishes throughout the winter. Most of the varieties that are cultivated in ornamental gardening are quite similar although they present a great variation of colors. These are small bushes which usually look great in pots and flower beds.

These plants grow well in shaded areas of the garden and on moist soils with a good drainage. The Christmas rose or Helleborus niger is one of the most known species. It is native to the Alps and is one of the varieties that flourishes sooner, in late autumn and extends until spring.

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Understanding the needs of this special plant

Helleborus is very easy to take care of if you take into consideration some simple aspects. Although it can grow in a great variety of soils, it is recommended to cultivate it on an alkaline ground. It is worth to mention that this plant needs a lot of space because of its extensive root system.

This kind of plant can comfortably grow under the trees. However, under total shade conditions it will not bloom very well and may even stop developing. This type of herb seems to live well with enough sunlight in countries of northern Europe.

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These plants are characterized for being resistant to drought, at least during small periods, but they still require certain humidity. It is important to avoid the excess of water in order to prevent the death of the herb.

It is important to remove all the foliage of the leafy specimens as soon as it begins to flourish, leaving only the peduncles with flower. This practice will strengthen the bush improving its overall appearance.

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