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Op 10 januari was het 12°C! Om te anticiperen op een mogelijk stevig winter offensief worden er planten binnengebracht in een polytunnel. Als de winter uitblijft belooft het een zeer vroeg Helleborus seizoen te worden. Galanthus is één van de plantengeslachten die gevolgd worden om het effect van opwarming van de aarde te bestuderen. Deze kruising van een wilde helleborussoort met een picotee geeft een midden grote bloem met zware tekening. Een roze hybride met donker centrum ontvouwt haar eerste bloem.

Wij doen dit doorgaans einde december of in de loop van januari. Je ziet de bloemen beter en als je last hebt van muizenvraat aan bloemknoppen neemt dit knippen de dekking weg en stopt hun geknabbel./ nog veel knipwerk. Ze eten de voedingsstofrijke meeldraden, knabbelen wat aan de bloemranden en laten hun bekende slijmspoor achter op de bloemblaadjes. De eerste bloem van een Helleborus is niet noodzakelijk karakteristiek.

Deze planten vertonen ook een zeer grote variatie in bladtekening en dit in combinatie met de bloemkleuren wit, roze en magentarood. Ik hoop deze pagina binnen enkele weken verder te kunnen uitbouwen zodat u enig idee krijgt van de mogelijke variaties. Het steeds verder selecteren en kruisen begint een onvoorstelbare grote waaier aan kleuren en vormen te geven. Zo vormt bijvoorbeeld de picotee groep alleen al langzamerhand een wereld op zich.


Simple gardening tips and tricks

Gardening could be a very easy and entertaining task. Although it is important for you to know how to do it and which elements are required to promote the growth of your plants. Resort to the expertise of your splendid Bruxelles escort from https://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-brussels-163/ so she can assist in you in your foray into this rewarding and fun activity.

A gratifying activity that improves your quality of life in many ways

Gardening activity has curative and therapeutic properties. It is not only about decoration. It involves a process of emotional and spiritual growth as you take care of other living beings. As intelligent ladies from the Escort Directory will explain you, plants are a source of energy. Therefore, you can establish a certain energetic connection with them which can benefit you.

You will discover that cultivating your own garden can keep you healthy and fit. It involves activities like digging wells on the ground or loading objects which require an effort from you that helps you to maintain a balanced weight.

As your clever escorts will tell you, a recent investigation carried out at the University of Arkansas revealed incredible information in this regard. Women who properly practice gardening present cases of osteoporosis and other bone problems less frequently than swimmers, joggers, and people who practice some kind of aerobic exercise.

Taking care of plants allows you to breathe fresh air and be in direct contact with nature. It also provides you a perfect environment for mediation.

For that reason, gardening has proven to be very effective as a complementary treatment in cases of dementia and anxiety problems as your smart escorts will inform you. People with sleeping problems also find in this activity a wonderful assistance. It is due to the fatigue produced by the physical effort and the calm and inner peace that result from being in contact with nature.

Creating your own urban garden

An urban garden can be created virtually anywhere that has direct light like a small piece of backyard, a patio, a terrace or even a window ledge. In this way you will know how much space you have available and your skillful Bruxelles escort will help you to choose the most adequate containers and accessories.

It is worth to mention that a workbench will always come in handy to pick up our tools and work more comfortably.

The next step involves choosing the kind of plants you want to cultivate. Your acquainted Bruxelles escort will probably recommend you to start your practice with seedlings, which are beans that have already been germinated and can be found in any nursery. This option is highly recommended because it will allow you to calculate approximately the amount of space that will be occupied by the herb.

If it is your first contact with an urban garden, you can opt for plants that can be easily cultivated such as lettuce, garlic, radishes and tomatoes to mention some.

Then it is important to prepare the substrate, which is the base that will anchor the plants to the earth and their source of nutrients. It must be light so you can handle it easily at the time of planting as your smart escorts will explain you. It is important to avoid the overload of your containers.